Vesta Finance is sunsetting. The website will stay online until Oct 17th 2024.
Vault Owners: Liquidation stays active. Your vaults are protected against redemption until Apr 10th 2024. Then, you are exposed to the redemption with a penalty fee on your side, see more here.

Even if it comes to an end, we are truly thankful for the community, the trust and the hope given by all of you.
- Vesta Team

Maximize the

of your
crypto assets

Vesta Finance allows you to borrow collateralized stablecoin
VST against supported crypto assets with low interest rate.

How it works

What is
Vesta Finance

Vesta Finance enables users to borrow against
their crypto-assets without selling them.

VST is a collateralized stablecoin powered by Vesta Finance. Unlike under-collateralized stablecoins, there is more than $1 worth of assets for each unit of VST.

Users can participate in the Vesta Finance ecosystem, by using their borrowed or purchased VST to contribute to the stability pools.

Arbitrum-Native Stablecoin

VST is a Arbitrum-native over-collateralized stablecoin that can be minted by depositing supported crypto assets and borrowing against them.

Borrow on Demand

Borrow against your crypto with the lowest interest rate in the market. You can use your borrowed balance as you please and repay whenever you want.

Earn Risk-Minimized Yield

Provide liquidity on VST liquidity pools to earn your fair share of the protocol's fees, through various reward programs.

VST - Vesta Stable


Create a vault, deposit your crypto and mint VST


Buy and sell VST directly on decentralized exchanges with minimum slippage.

VSTA - Vesta's

Governance Token

VSTA is the governance token of Vesta Finance. It plays a key role in the project’s decentralization.


Participate in our liquidity incentive programs and earn VSTA

Govern with VSTA

Participate in the future of the protocol by voting in community decisions with your VSTA

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