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$ARB vaults are now online. Open a vault here.

Posted on: March 31st 2023

Vesta Saving Module is now online. Earn 0% on stablecoin here

Posted on: February 5th 2023

Vesta is increasing GLP mint cap to 10M VST gradually over the next couple of weeks. On December 9th 2022, 3AM, we'll push the first mint cap increase from 5M to 6M. Get ready!

Posted on: December 8th 2022

Vesta Reference Rate is set to be online at Nov 25 1 PM PST. During the migration, the only actions available will be removing or adding collateral. We are expecting it to take 5-15 minutes. Learn more about Vesta Reference Rate here.

Posted on: November 25th 2022

Amidst complicating situation around the FTX / Alameda saga, we are halting minting of VST using renBTC until further notice to protect all Vesta users.

Posted on: November 8th 2022

The proposal for Vesta Reference Rate has passed! We will publish an announcement soon regarding implementation. Learn more about Vesta Reference Rate here.

Posted on: November 8th 2022

Vesta Reference Rate is now at voting stage. Learn more about Vesta Reference Rate and please visit snapshot for voting.

Posted on: November 4th 2022

Vesta is potentially disabling redemption and adding interest rate. Learn more here.

Posted on: October 8th 2022


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VST deposited in the Saving Module helps to ensure a better VST peg. Learn more about the Saving Module from the documentation.
Deposit VST into the vault to earn an interest rate in VST up to 10%. The fee comes from VST borrowers who pay the Vesta Reference Rate.
The VST in the Saving Module is also used toward liquidation in case any stability pool runs out of capital. Learn more about stability pools.
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